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పాకము [ pākamu ] pākamu. సంస్కృతం n. Cooking, dressing food, boiling, వంట.[1] Maturity, natural or artificial, as the state of being cooked or ripened. పరిపాకము. The style of an author: the chief distinctions of which are కదళీ పాకము the plantain style, which is easily comprehended, the plantain being quite soft and without stones: ద్రాక్షాపాకము or grape style, which is very superior and more difficult, to understand, and నారికేళ పాకము or cocoanut style, which is puzzling and dry, requiring time and consideration to digest it. దేహ పాకము the constitution of the body. ఆమెకు పాకశుద్ధి కద్దు she is a good cook. లేహ్యపాకము the concoction or preparation of medicine. పాకగేహము లేదా పాకశాల pāka-gēhamu. n. A kitchen. వంటయిల్లు.